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What's it all about? In Brief:

You pay us just £60 for your banner to appear on CarpWebsites for 1 year
(that's just £5 per month)

Your banner links directly to your website.

We advertise in the carp press and on the net.

We send you a weekly statistics report.

In 2008 we had a total of 210,660 visitors to the website.
(an average of 17,555 visits per month or 577.2 every day!)

In 2009 we increased that to a total of 221,309 visitors to the website.
(an average of 18,442 visits per month or 606.3 every day!)

Sound good so far?   Then read on...

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Website designer Richard Stangroom receiving the Carp-Talk ‘Best Angling Award’ 2008

AWARD WINNING WEBSITE designer Richard Stangroom receiving Carp-Talk's ‘Best Angling Website' award.

We were very happy to find out that all of our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed by the readers of Carp-Talk and we are proud to announce that they voted

Best Angling Website of 2008

If you are an angling business with a website then you already understand the value and benefits it gives your business, and with the internet now playing an ever increasing role in most businesses marketing strategy, we would like to introduce you to The main aims of this site is to give all our advertisers an equal opportunity of being found on the net (no more trying to get listed on the first page of search engines), and to provide visitors to the site with 'The ultimate links page to the best carp websites on the net'.

What is ‘’? is a website designed as the ultimate 'one-stop' link site to help carp anglers surfing the net find exactly what they want quickly and easily. Split into 6 clearly defined areas, easily navigates visitors to a page of banners that link directly into websites of their particular interest.

History of - CarpWebsites Version 1
The website ‘’ was initially set up in March 2006 as a logo driven visual links page to over 120 of the best carp websites on the internet. The site has been continually advertised in some of the monthly carp magazines as well as on many of the websites it already promotes. The site has proved extremely popular and received an average of 11,356 visitors per month over the 10 months between January and October 2007. It is due to this popularity that we decided to re-think our initial concept in order for it to be better laid out and easier navigated.

Click to view larger image - Version 1
click image to view larger

How it now works - CarpWebsites Version 2
Your banner will be added to our database for the particular category or categories relevant to your area of business. Each time a visitor to the website opens a category containing your advert it will appear on the screen. The system is set up to list all banners randomly so there is no set position on the page thus ensuring impartial, unbiased advertising.

The Categories
There are six main categories you can advertise in:
  • UK Carp Fisheries
  • French Carp Fisheries (and other fishing holidays)
  • Online Tackle Shops
  • Carp Bait Companies
  • Carp Tackle Manufacturers
  • Forums, Online Magazines (and General Interest)
Carp Websites Home Page

What you get
We will create your banner advert free of charge (although you are welcome to design your own). Each week (or month if you prefer) you will receive an automated email showing you:
  • the number of visitors that have seen your banner, and;
  • the number of visitors who have clicked on your banner.

The frequency of this report can be altered at your request. Accuracy of the figures on the report can be checked against your websites own statistic package.

Impressive Statistics - Are you missing out?

Impressive first full year's statistics

We re-launched on Monday 12th November 2007. In 2008 we received a total of 210,660 visits - an average of 17,555 visits per month or 577.2 visits every day! The total Unique Vistitors was a huge 69,109. In 2009 we increased the total number of visits to 221,309 - or an average of 18,442 visits per month or 606.3 visits every day! The total Unique Vistitors also increased to 81,822!

Carpwebsites unique and total visitors statistics for 2008


We expect these impressively high figures to continue as our advertising campaigns continues throughout 2010 - Are you missing out?

Carpwebsites statistics for 2008
Statistics for 2009

Carp Websites Advertising Campaign
Our half page advert that you'll see in issues of Carpworld, Crafty Carper, Big Carp and Carp-Trade.The first of our new 1/2 adverst were published in the December issues of Carpworld, Crafty Carper, Big Carp and is already well ranked on Google and other search engines under numerous search terms based around the word 'carp', and the newly designed website has been developed to be even more ‘search engine’ friendly, employing all the latest Search Engine Optimisation methods.

We have also already booked a 12 month advertising campaign with ½ page adverts in Carpworld, Crafty Carper and Big Carp magazines, and plan to run adverts in all of the monthly and weekly carp publications during 2009 - Where else can your website get that much exposure for such little investment?

Having already advertised CarpWebsites for over two years, the first of our new 1/2 adverst were published in the December issues of Carpworld, Crafty Carper, Big Carp and Carp-Trade.

Annual Advertising Costs (minimum 12 month contract)
(Based on: Single Banner, Single Category)
Standard banner
Standard banner
Static image
£60 (just £5 per month!)

Animated gif banner
Animated gif banner
Moves between a maximum of 3 messages.
£84 (just £7 per month!)

Maximum of 10 animated banners per category

Other options
Increase your visibility by running more than one advert banner. If you wish to have your advert included in a 2nd category (or twice in the same category) you will receive a 15% discount on the total cost based on the prices above.The advert can be the same or different.

Changing your advert
Adverts we have created on your behalf can be altered Free of Charge once in any 12 month period. There is no limit to how often you can change your advert but thereafter additional changes will be levied at the following rates each time the advert is changed:

Standard banner - £15
Animated gif banner - £25

If you are providing your own banner we will upload 2 changes in any 12 month period Free of Charge. There is no limit to how often you can supply us with new adverts but thereafter each additional upload will incur a £10 administration fee.

Advert Specifications
If you intend supplying us with an advert you will need the following information:

Banner size: 137 pixels wide x 77 pixels high
Maximum: 20kb
Accepted advert formats: Jpg or Gif

Ownership of any imagery use in the banners supplied is the responsibility of the person creating the banner. and its creators accept no responsibility for any issues of copyright, Trademarks or Registered Trademarks.

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